The Primary focus of ELCON, Inc. is the pursuit of overhaul solutions that enhance railroad fleet performance. Outdated electrical controls are re-engineered to keep pace with ever changing technology and the environment.

Flexible Solutions
ELCON excels in the development of specific project designs. Electrical controls will be designed, manufactured, and supported through the entire life cycle by our design and implementation staff to your individual detailed specifications...


Elcon, Inc. is absolutely committed to meeting and exceeding the quality expectations and needs of our customers for all the products and services we provide.

We personally affirm this commitment. To bolster it, we have established a quality system which meets quality system standard ISO 9001:2000.

We intend for these efforts to help us meet the following goals:

  • Improve our position at the cutting edge of electronic manufacturing and services
  • Provide punctual delivery of our products and services.
  • Continuously live up to and expand our reputation for quality products.
The entire Elcon, Inc. team must adhere to the spirit and the letter of the firm's quality policy. We will continue to be active in all phases of our quality efforts and the quality system to ensure we meet these commitments.

Frank J. Garrone Jr.

ISO 9001:2000
Certificate No.: C2004-01435
Certificate Date: April 12, 2007
Elcon currently has available to its customers a fax in order service. Please contact your Elcon sales representative to place your order, print, fill out, and fax the attached
Credit Card Form.
We accepted the following major credit cards:
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