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The Primary focus of ELCON, Inc. is the pursuit of overhaul solutions that enhance railroad fleet performance. Outdated electrical controls and cabinetry are re-engineered to keep pace with ever changing technology and the environment. ELCON excels in the development of specific project designs. Control Systems and Cabinetry will be designed, manufactured, and supported through the entire life cycle by our design and implementation staff to your individual detailed specifications... more info

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Elcon, Inc. is absolutely committed to meeting and exceeding the quality expectations and needs of our customers for all the products and services we provide(affirmed by quality system ISO 9001:2015) Enhance position at cutting edge electronic manufacturing and services. Live up to and expand our reputation for quality products. Provide punctual delivery of our products and services.. more info

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ELCON, Inc. is located approximately 45 miles southwest of Chicago in Minooka, Illinois. ELCON was started by a former EMD employee in 1953 for the purpose of building control cabinets and control equipment similar to high voltage cabinets for locomotive Head End Power Units and for EMD's non-locomotive applications, such as stationary power units and drilling rig power units. Products included Engine Controls, Motor Controls, Generator Controls and many auxiliary control devices. This line continued as ELCON's primary business until the late 1970's, when under the second owner, also a former EMD employee, diversification became a necessity due to the severe downturn in exploration and production of oil.

ELCON continued to design and build control systems for Rockwell International Graphic Systems printing presses and related equipment, for Mobil Oil refinery operations and for Commonwealth Edison substations as well as for other industrial applications. During this period, ELCON became involved in service work offering factory authorized repair service for Allis-Chalmers fork truck control systems and various types of industrial voltage regulation systems, including Bassler and Cummins/Marathon.

Since 1988, the third owner, also former EMD employee, has continued to diversify and expand ELCON's customer base. Expansion has been primarily in the direction of the railroad industry since the current owner brought with them many years of experience working on the design, development and marketing of railroad locomotive products.

ELCON has not changed its primary focus from controls, but has adapted to the changing environment and technology to keep up with the times. ELCON has developed and introduced many new products including voltage regulators, cooling fan controllers, ditch light controllers, power supplies and specialized control modules. ELCON has expanded its service business and is now the largest manufacturer and remanufacturer of locomotive control modules. Elcon is the OEM manufacturer for new EMD Dash 2 and Super Series modules as well as for Unit Exchange (UTEX) and Repair & Return (R&R) modules. ELCON was also responsible for one of the earliest test applications of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to a Santa Fe locomotive in 1988. In addition, Elcon is the premier builder of replacement high voltage cabinets for the aftermarket.

ELCON has the capability, the talent and the desire to work with you. In addition, ELCON can work with you on the design and development of control system components through our network of experienced engineering talent. Such products could include anything from the smallest printed circuit boards to full control cabinets or operator's consoles. Special fabrications and cable harnesses are also within our capability. As the owner of ELCON, Frank Garrone has extensive experience in Manufacturing, QA, Engineering, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales. This background together with the excellent relationships with many domestic rail operations, is extremely valuable in dealing with the rail industry. We would be pleased to discuss our products and accomplishments with you. Plan to communicate with ELCON soon for more discussion and to find out for yourself what ELCON can do with you and for you.

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