ELCON, Inc. of Minooka, Illinois has a NEW Battery Charging/discharging (BCD) Controller. The ELCON BCD will measure, calculate, display, and control from 0 to 99,999 amp-hours with up to 600 amps of current. The BCD Controller measures the 50 mv shunt typically located in the battery equipment used for the charge/dis-charge current meter display. Amp-hour measurement and calculation accuracy has been tested to +/-1%.
The ELCON BCD controller incorporates a key-pad to enter a five-digit number of amp-hours. This defines the desired charge or dis-charge level for the battery. The controller displays this number as well as a running total of amp-hours it is accumulating.
The ELCON BCD Controller provides two 120 VAC or 74 volts DC 10 amp relay outputs. One of these is normally closed and one is normally open. These relays will activate when the accumulated amp-hours reach the same number entered on the key-pad to turn off the charging or dis-charging to the battery.
This controller can be electrically connected and mounted to an existng battery charger or load bank in approximately one hour or less.