• The Smart Series controller automatically operates for 8 locomotive types, 50 Series 2 speed and 1-speed, 4 fan, 3 fan, 2 fan, 1 fan, and GE locomotives. A single controller part number only, no adjustments or modifications required.
• Extremely accurate and stable temperature settings. Recalibration not required. Quickly verifies operation set-points without removing controller from locomotive. Increases engine efficiency and reduces wear of engine components.
• Equalizes utilization of cooling fans and contactors. Controls 50 Series individual low speed fans. Opens shutters before first fan. Controls engine high and low speed idle operation. (LITS)
• Automatic test function allows one person to load test engine to full temperature for confirming hot engine protection, coolant seal, and individual fan starts without disconnecting fan contactor wires.
• 3-digit coolant temperature and diagnostic display
•Rugged and Compact - Built to withstand locomotive temperature, vibration, and washing.
• Self Protected - Available with short circuit protection. Electricians can disconnect or short circuit powered fan contactors with NO undesirable results. No external coil suppression needed.
• Can be installed in one hour. This controller will provide either a new locomotive wire harness or connectors for using existing locomotive wiring.

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