EM2000 Microprocessor Control System Integration

With the introduction of the EMD EM2000 retrofit, older locomotives can now benefit from the same control system available in current model SD70s, 80s, and 90s. The EM2000 features increased computer processing speed a user-friendly interface and comprehensive troubleshooting operations. During EMD's rigorous laboratory and field reliability growth testing (RGT) the EM2000 surpasses all reliability expectations ensuring optimum performance in all environments. As an added benefit, Elcon, Inc. now offers a complete range of EM2000 installation services, all performed by Elcon's staff of experts. Elcon's advanced technology and extensive testing provide performance and contol that reduce downtime and improve operating efficiency to allow optimum fleet utilization and potential fleet reduction.

A primary goal of railroads and Elcon, is the pursuit of locomotive overhaul solutions that improve railroad fleet performance. The EMD EM2000 microprocessor meets that goal through its quality of information, improved locomotive reliability and increased locomotive performance. The flexible, user-friendly system is installed and serviced completely by Elcon experts. The EM2000 retrofit is a viable, value-added technology available to you now.