High Voltage Cabinets

We've built our voltage regulation systems with current technology to provide more precise regulation and greater output stability under the full range of operating conditions.
We've designed our VR systems to be more efficient, streamlined, and reliable in the long run.
And, we've packaged our design in both the familiar "module" and "black box" configurations for application to any EMD locomotive, regardless of vintage!
In fact, our VR UNIVERSAL module is built to work with all Dash-2 or later EMD locomotives, so you need to choose and stock only ONE ELCON product for future replacements.
ELCON voltage regulators perform the way you want them to, and the way they need to...both for the short run and the long haul!
ELCON's high-performance VR systems help you extend the life of your locomotive batteries - by helping you to reduce battery maintenance and replacement!
ELCON'S voltage regulators for diesel locomotives, either "black box" or "module", look like OEM VRs, but they're really different! ELCON VRs excel in PERFORMANCE! What look like reproductions of "60's" and
"70's" technology are not the same "old" thing!
ELCON makes the difference...literally!