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The Team at Elcon, Inc. has the depth and experience to provide you with the products and manufacturing capabilities to be your railroad industry partner. Our extensive inventory and short run capabilities give you fast turnaround, less down time and a fit that is unmatched.


Voltage Regulators

Voltage Reg

We've built our voltage regulation systems with current technology to provide more precise regulation and greater output stability under the full range of operating conditions. We've designed our VR systems to be more efficient, streamlined, and reliable in the long run. more info

EMD EM2000

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With the introduction of the EMD EM2000 retrofit, older locomotives can now benefit from the same control system available in current model SD70s, 80s, and 90s. The EM2000 features increased computer processing speed a user-friendly interface and comprehensive troubleshooting operations.more info

Ditch Light Contoller

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Auto Start/Stop System

Auto SS

EMD Modules

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Large inventory of boards in stock for manufacture of new Modules Exclusive supplier of new EMD Dash-2 & 50 Series module boards more info

Cabinets And Control Stands


TMM Modules

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Reduces excitation to a safe level, minimal inputs required measures ambient temperature backward compatible and easy to install with minimal hardware. more info

Smart Series Cooling Fan




TOPS focuses directly on main generator current maximization. It uses existing locomotive wheel-slip signals (WST and WSR) and monitors main generator voltage and main generator current to drive a fuzzy logic current maximizing controller. more info